Saturday, 20 March 2010

About the artists:

Julia Pott
After outgrowing her childhood dream of becoming a balloon, Julia is now a freelance illustrator and animator living in London. Her work mainly consists of animals making the moves on other animals through the medium of pencil drawing and collage. Her clients include Malibu Rum, Passion Pictures, Picasso Pictures, Sherbet, Picador, Chronicle Books, Hudson Bec, London Sinfonietta, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Of Montreal and The Decemberists.
Her work has been shown at SXSW, Onedotzero, Rushes, and in collaborative exhibitions in the UK and US. She is currently studying an MA in animation at the Royal College of Art, and has a solo show in London later this year. In her spare time she enjoys trampolining and building forts in the countryside.

Amy Ruppel
Born and raised in the Kettle Moraine woods of WIsconsin near the Mammoth Ice Age Center. She drew plants and comics, dug up fossils and went for endless forest walks before being chased back home by some territory-crazed animal. But the birds were always kind. Her love for nature and science led her to an art and illustration career, and to the Pacific Northwest. She still hasn't stopped drawing. Amy now works as an artist, illustrator and so-so gardener in beautiful & green Portland, Oregon USA.

Matte Stephens
A Portland Oregon based painter whose work has been exhibited in galleries and shops including Jonathan Adler, Velocity art and design,Here Shop, Sebastian Foster Gallery,Nahcotta,Reform School,Subtext Gallery,Rare Device,
He is Also an illustrator and has done work for Herman Miller, American Express, IBM, Sunset Magazine, The Boston Globe, Disney, The Eye Weekly, Editions Alto, Glow Magazine, Fit Pregnancy Magazine, Vivi Magazine, Endless Vacation Magazine, Woodmanstern, Modern Twist , The Andez Hotel, Ipop, and Marian Heath. The motivation behind his work is his wife Vivienne their cats and life in wonderful Oregon.

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