Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hello there Illustration Lovers!

Dazeray, the illustrative duo that is Daisy Whitehouse and Murray Somerville, are proud to tell you about our upcoming exhibition at the Here and Now gallery in Falmouth "You're My Favourite- A sweet and twisted illustration exhibition to remind you that everyone is good at something! "

This is Dazeray's second exhibition together, combining the beautiful charm of Daisy's sweet and fun characters alongside the intriguing yet disturbing, eccentric characters by Murray, creating a unique exhibition of both the good and the just plan weird of life!

The exhibition runs from 2nd-29th June and will include new original screenprints from Daisy, Display Comics from Murray and a collective alphabet between the two and a hand drawn window mural! (Also with badges, zines, posters too!!!) All of the intention to introduce a host of characters just eager to show off their best qualities and why they're our favourite, and so you too feel special, whether it be because you pick your nose or are the best at cuddles, we'll have a place for you!

For anyone interested in the exhibition but unable to make it in June, we will be taking extensive photographs of the whole set-up and put them up on the net, but we are planning to expand on this theme and take the exhibition back to london, so if anyone is interested in putting the exhibition up further on this year, then again get in touch!

We hope to see you there!

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